27 November 2009

And so this is...Happy Holiday

I wasn't going to blog today but I changed my mind - I'm like that. At my age being mentally flexible is a lot easier than being physically flexible. In any case, I'm now in a position in my life where what I want over-rides everything and everyone else. I'm like that too.

Today I went to the nearby suburb of Chatswood for a meeting. Chatswood has changed a lot over the years but two things that have resisted the tide of change, are the meanness of the local council and their Christmas decorations.

Sorry, I tell a lie. For about 15 years they hung red thingamabobs across the street. People called them thingamabobs because no one was ever quite sure what they were meant to be. There was a wild rumor that part of the thingamabobs were in fact bells. However, that was never confirmed and those who subscribed to that theory were widely ridiculed and silenced by high powered attorneys.

But as you can see, this year the decorations adorning the main shopping strip have changed. This street is about 400-500 meters long. It is the main shopping strip in a thriving commercial and residential suburb. But as far as Christmas decorations go - what you see is what you get - that's it for the whole darn street.

If you are wondering what the banners say, so am I - but it is basically "Happy Holiday".

Now I may offend some readers with what I am about to say - I'm like that - but hey that's life baby.

The vast majority of us here endorse and support other cultures religious, national, social festivities, holidays and events. We call Ramadan - Ramadan. Thanksgiving - Thanksgiving. Bastille Day - Bastille Day (For one day we are all French, then go back to knocking them again). We happily embrace multi-culturalism - apart from a few members of the flannelette shirt brigade spurred on by talk back radio hosts who earn their living sprouting populist drivel.

So why does Christmas have to be "Happy Holiday"?

The ironic thing is, that those belonging to the demographic group the Pillocks - I mean Pillars of Society are trying to protect from offence - do not want to be protected. They are quite happy with Christmas - and as you walk along the street you can see shops owned by a veritable United Nations of Chatswood business people selling guess what - Christmas goodies!

Happy Holiday my Aspidistra.

What will will Willoughby Council do for a Christmas - sorry, Happy Holiday Pageant? Have a Dick Van Dyke sound alike prancing around the manger with Joseph's wife singing, "Oh, it's a jolly holiday With Mary.."

It's hard enough as it is to get into the Christmas spirit with bright sunshine, 35 C heat and light nights, without having a few tatty banners strung across the street like an advertising campaign for the local ladies bingo night, wishing all those shoppers spending their hard earned money, a happy holiday.

Next year perhaps they could have a tree! Now that would be a first. And not a Holiday Tree either. A bloody huge, whopping - Christmas Tree.

Wherever you may be - be safe

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