25 November 2009

Jesus and the Aussie workman

A Russian walks into a bar with a bad neck. He tells the bartender, "Give me a vodka" The Russian looks down the end of the bar and sees Jesus sitting on his own. He tells the barman, "and a vodka for Jesus".

A few minutes later a German walks into the bar limping. "Give me Schnapps" he tells the barman. He takes his drink, looks around and sees Jesus. "And a Schnapps for Jesus too".

Before long, an Aussie walks into the bar in shorts and singlet, clutching his back. "Give me a VB mate" he tells the barman. Lo and behold he sees Jesus and tells the barman, "And a beer for Jesus too mate"

Jesus finishes his drinks, walks over to the Russian and puts his hand on the mans neck. Instantly the Russian is cured.

He then puts his hand on the German's bad leg - instantly he is able to walk again.

Jesus then approaches the Aussie who recoils with horror.

'Don't touch me mate..don't...I'm on workers comp"

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