16 June 2010

Hitchen on this and that

I will be changing the format and design of this blog over the next few days, so if you pop in and everything looks all over the place, you know why!

Until then, a few of my random thoughts on this and that.

When society abandons its moral and legal obligations and denies justice to one child, it betrays all its children

Everyone is entitled to human rights, not just those approved by tabloid newspapers and their spoon fed disciples

Tony Blair "Israel has a right to inspect what goes into #Gaza" So Tony, Israel has a right while Gaza has nothing left

Problem with concepts such as "living-together-apart" and "p/t marriage" is that commitment often seems an optional extra

Tony Blair "Israel has right to inspect what goes into #Gaza" No books, no paper, but plenty of white phosphorous courtesy of IDF

I am not a rebel without a cause. At my age, I am a rebel without my teeth!

Odd how some are quick to condemn words but slow to condemn bombs and bullets

I don't write, post or speak for govts. I don't write, post or speak for terror groups. I do so for their victims

I applaud Erdogan's stance on Gaza, but can he now remedy proven human rights abuses in Turkey, many documented on my blog

Sadly, disappointment to Gazans, is a way of life Let down by those who protect the few at the expense of the many

If God were asked, "what''s wrong with us " I'd like to think he'd quote R.Harris "There are too many saviors on my cross"

Wherever you may be - be safe
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