22 June 2010

Random thoughts and musings

Pondering if the Lynx deodorant "Africa" smells of political corruption

Democracy is often no more than totalitarianism wrapped in the Coat of Consent

Winds from Gaza coast break heat wave. Israeli spokesperson says, "See, we do welcome imports from Gaza"

FIFA denies using referees to surreptitiously turn World Cup into five-a-side tournament to compete with 20/20 cricket

And on a fashion note: I decided to purchase a scarf not to keep me warm on cold, grey Sydney days, but to make me look suave, cool, sophisticated with a dash of "Oh darlink" arty-fartiness thrown in for good measure.

So I purchased the perfect designer name scarf - black and charcoal grey suggesting the wearer is a laid back man about town. Now I am faced with a problem. Do I wear the scarf with the knot on the top of my head or under my chin?!:)

Wherever you may be - be safe
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