17 July 2010

Christmas in July

It may surprise some readers to see me complaining about hearing Christmas carols and Christmas songs in July. But, as some of you will have gathered by now, I don't do anything without a reason - and what better reason could I have than the trend to push "Christmas in July" upon Australians.

We are told it is to enable Australians to experience Christmas in winter, rather than in December at the height of our summer. Tommyrot and fiddlesticks! It is nothing more than a marketing ploy by hotels and restaurants who would attract more business if they focused on better food, better service and realistic prices.

Now toy companies and supermarkets have joined in this irritating concept - offering huge discounts on toys and anything to do with children. Pity the poor mum and dad who now twice a year, feel under some sort of obligation to fork out hard earned dollars for things that will last a week before being consigned to the "I'm bored with that" box on top of some remote and hardly used cupboard.

Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas - at Christmas time - the real Christmas time.

One thing is for sure, Santa Claus is not Australian - we'd never get him to work two days a year!

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