13 July 2010

Stop moaning, you lost because you chose not to play football

I have long admired Dutch football and since 1974, each time they have appeared in the World Cup, they have been my "non-aligned" favorites. However, I am sick and tired of the Dutch fans and media criticizing and blaming English referee Howard Webb for their well deserved loss against Spain.

The Dutch team were a total disgrace, not just during the final they went out of their way to destroy, but throughout the whole tournament. During the group stages an Australian commentator remarked that the Dutch may well win the World Cup, but they will do so by boring people to death - and that is pretty much what they did.

On Sunday evening, only one team strode on to the pitch to play football - Spain. The Dutch had one agenda in mind, disrupt the game and hack down any Spanish player who even looked at the ball. Robben is a brilliant player with fancy footwork but an even faster mouth that seems to be continuously open. Van Persie, a vastly over-rated player who could easily have been sent off in any of the matches he played - or rather took part in because he rarely did anything that required more skill than pushing and shoving. It is obvious his perception of his ability far exceeds the reality.

Yes, the referee did hand out a large number of cards - and each card was justified. Had this been a normal match, the Dutch bovver-boys would have been to down to the goalkeeper.

Gone are the glory days of the 70s when magical players such as Cruyff and Neeskens, dazzled and delighted football fans around the world. The Dutch did not lose because of refereeing decisions, they lost because they chose not to play football. They betrayed the orange shirt worn with pride, dignity and skill of previous Dutch teams.

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