13 August 2010

All I am saying, is give kids a chance

All we are saying is give peace a chance

But where to start?

Perhaps to give peace a chance, we should first give our children a chance. A chance to grow up free of historical, hereditary hatred, bias, mistrust and suspicion for other cultures, that is the backbone of so much conflict. Hate handed on from one generation to the other until history becomes blurred and young lives fall to the ground clutching their blood stained banners, without really knowing why.

Children should be educated, not indoctrinated with centuries old perceptions over who did what to who. Keep the children away from the barricades, let them hold books not hate filled placards - words you have written and put in their hearts.

Let them make up their own mind, in their own time.

Let them lead their lives, create their own history - not live your history or your father's and his father before him.

We can learn a lot from history - but we have yet to learn how to stop it killing us. All too often, Yesterday's Soldiers are still killing - killing Today's Child.

That's all for a few days, back Tuesday!

Wherever you may be - be safe

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