3 August 2010

Hello, is that you Uncle Sam?

Hello, is that you Uncle Sam? I have to ask because the Uncle Sam I used to know is nothing like the Uncle Sam I have seen for quite some time. Do you have a few spare minutes? just want to ask you some questions. I know you're a busy man with arms to sell, countries to threaten and excuses to make for your failures and actions, so I wont take long.

As you proudly applaud Obama's "mission accomplished" speech announcing the pull out of US forces from Iraq, are you proud of yourself? Are you proud of what you have achieved? Do you look in the mirror and say, 'Uncle Sam has saved the world from tyranny"?

If so - why?

You embarked on an immoral war based on trumped up accusations and lies masquerading as facts. You have destroyed and caused mayhem in a country you had no valid reason to believe posed a specific threat to the the US or The West. You turned Fallujah into a hell hole, while your British cohorts turned Basra into a nightmare.

When you leave, you leave behind untold thousands of orphans, mothers crying for children they see no more, widows weeping over the wasted lives of their breadwinners, towns and cities in ruins and a political system that is a Corruptacy just as you have created in Afghanistan. The legacy of your actions will remain long after you have gone, long after the Masters of War are consigned to history.

What have you achieved since the staged toppling of Saddam Hussein's statue - apart from death and mayhem that is? Can you truly look me in the eye Uncle Sam and tell me the world is a safer place? Can you tell me the war on terror has been won? Maybe you can show me how Iraq is a much safer, happier place to live since Operation Shock and Awe?

Look around Iraq Uncle Sam, take a look at your handiwork and then tell me, do you really want to do it all again in Iran?

Wherever you may be - be safe
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