25 August 2010

How many years does it take to remove a New South Wales Gas Heater? Answer - 15!

When it comes to New South Politics, I am one of the few remaining who believes Kristina Keneally is a good Premier.

But before you thank me Kristina, it's fair to say that Ozzie Ostrich would be preferable to the man of tired old clich├ęs, Barry O' Farrell, who thanks to a series of Labor party stuff ups and inaction, (most of which can not be laid at your door) looks certain to be our next state Premier, and take us even further down the road to the mean city streets of Decline.

Perhaps you can get your fellow countrymen to invade and liberate us. At least they will build schools, roads and bridges, which is more than any state government has done since the joining of the harbour bridge spans, 80 years ago.

Take schools for example. Which rocket scientist came up with the idea of fitting state schools - including thousands in rural areas where it gets colder than a Julie Bishop stare, with unflued gas heaters!

Advising schools to leave the windows and doors open when the heaters are turned on - kind of defeats the object of having heaters in the first bloody place.

Now, if the media is to be believed, and I agree that is not always an advisable thing to do here, the ineffective Treasurer Eric Roozendaal, whose name is longer than his list of achievements, wants the removal of unflued gas heaters spread out over fifteen years.

Fifteen years!

I bet if Trade Union headquarters had been fitted with unflued gas heaters, the party would have ensured their removal in fifteen seconds.

Never mind the Epping to Parramatta Rail link which we all know is never going to happen, look after our state's future - our children.

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