26 August 2010

I'm a pink tootbrush

Do any of you recall the old Max Bygraves song that goes, "I'm a pink toothbrush, you're a blue toothbrush..."?

You do? Well, that gives me an idea of the demographics of my audience!

Do you notice anything about that particular line? Take a good look and see if anything strikes you.

Give up?

OK, I will tell you.

The lack of choice. Pink and blue and that's your lot mate.

Since that song was written, just how many different designs of toothbrushes have there been? From ergonomically, dynamically shaped toothbrushes, to those that play music for two minutes to let you know when you reached the current designated time for brushing teeth - something your mother had already told you years ago and one would think, is kind of hard to forget.

There are brushes with large heads, brushes with small heads, some with different colored brushes to give the perception they are somehow technically superior and therefore warrant the extra two bucks on the price.

If all these high tech toothbrushes are so good - how come there are even more dentists around than there were when there was just a pink toothbrush and a blue toothbrush?

Let's face it, whatever they look like, and no matter how much is spent on development, marketing, branding and advertising - they all brush teeth. Mind you, it doesn't bother me too much, I just pop mine in a little white box with a fizzy tablet that breaks when I try to get it out of the sachet.

The same principal applies to razors. I once read an article on the millions of dollars Gillette spends each year developing new razors - most of which now look like they're auditioning for a part in the next Transformer movie.

I bought my first fancy razor when I was 14 - a burgundy colored twin blade razor that was so fancy, it had instructions on the back of the plastic fronted, cardboard packaging. I followed the instructions religiously to ensure I maximized the benefits of my bespoke, somewhat expensive purchase. Although there wasn't too much to shave at 14, I bet you London to a brick, that 40 years on, I could shave with it as efficiently as any of those that roll off todays multi-million dollar development line.

Just as a toothbrush brushes teeth, a razor shaves - no matter how much you pay celebrities to advertise something that does very simple and basic jobs.

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