18 August 2010

"My terrifying ordeal with a runaway freight vehicle"

Middle aged man tells of his miraculous escape from an out of control freight vehicle

The walk home from the shops should have been pleasant for Mr. Hitchen, but instead it turned to near disaster. Walking downhill towards his apartment, he heard a deafening roar behind him. He turned to see a runaway freight vehicle thundering his way with breathtaking speed. He had just a split second to act before tragedy struck.

Using his skills honed on the rugby fields of Wales, he sidestepped the solid wall of metal that seemed destined to crash straight into him.
He watched as it continued its journey before toppling over and coming to a halt. A relived Mr. Hitchen said it was every shoppers worst nightmare and issued a warning to other shoppers - "Others may not be so quick thinking as me" he added modestly.

And yes, this did happen to me. Some prat left an empty supermarket trolley on top of a whopping steep hill! OK, so I exaggerated a bit in the piece above and it is ever so slightly misleading :) ...

...but I am practicing writing for the Daily Mail.

Wherever you may be - be safe
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