10 August 2010

Not Funny Nine

The Channel Nine Network, famous for cheap media stunts during its election coverage and a nightly news program that caters for viewers who believe Prime Ministers should live in a housing association flat and drive 1982 Holdens, produce a program called, "Australia's Funniest Home Videos."

Basically the format revolves around viewers sending in allegedly funny home videos in the hope of gaining financial benefit, and bragging rights over bingo and darts night at the Dog and Duck.

That's fine - if people find that intellectually stimulating - great. I just hope ET doesn't land among them and phone home to report their is no sign of intelligent life down here.

What really gets up my nose however, is that the majority of videos feature small children - mostly having accidents. The vast majority of these accidents are preventable or foreseeable. Do the parents act? Oh no, good old mum dad stand happily by with their Harvey Norman video cam in their hand, while junior gets knocked in the head by the seat of a swing. In one promo I saw a child heading towards a small flight of steps - and guess what? While the poor little mite was tumbling down, mum or dad kept right on filming.

It is not funny - it is neglect.

The show however, is a money spinner for the network, and I believe the parents get a minimum $500 for each video shown. Only the Nine Network, its target audience and British doctors would seek to benefit from preventable and foreseeable child neglect.

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