9 September 2010

Rev. Terry Jones - money to burn?

Rev Terry Jones, I think it would be safe to say that given the amount of world-wide publicity your planned Koran burning stunt has received, the coffers of your alleged church will increase significantly - as sadly there are too many like yourself who see such outrageous and unwarranted acts against other cultures, religions, and ethnic minorities as a virtue rather than a sin.

Additionally, the donated furniture TS and Company, your for-profit business, flogs on eBay will no doubt benefit form your unique brand of marketing

Allegedly, it is your intent to send a message to al-Qaeda to protest against their bombing of the world Trade Center.

But Mr. Jones, for many years others have been doing just that very thing. Not from the safety of a small church, hiding behind the flames of a bonfire of the vanities - but out there in the flames of hell. Men and women from many nations have lost their lives and suffered serious physical and psychological injuries sending a message to al-Qaeda and the Taliban. They will be doing just that when you enjoy one of your deadly sins - the craving for 15 minutes fame that got you kicked out of Germany.

What will you do with all this extra income? Will you donate it to those in vet rehab centers who receive very little support as they come to terms with the injuries and scars suffered in Afghanistan and Iraq? You will have your fifteen minutes of fame - they will have a lifetime of memories and nightmares that never go away - so too will their loved ones.

If one member of the ISAF dies or is injured in Afghanistan as a result of your actions, what will your God have to say about that? How will your conscience cope with the knowledge that you directly contributed to the death of a young man or woman for the sake of a cheap publicity stunt? Will you hear their agony?

Or will their cries be drowned out by the chink, chink, chink, as you count your pieces of silver?

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