1 September 2010

Turn the page? Let history be the voice of your dead

President Barack Obama has announced that the U.S. combat mission in Iraq is over. He went on to preach, "Now, it is time to turn the page."

People of Iraq - Obama has spoken.

Forget about your destroyed cities, stop weeping for the loved ones you will see no more, cut down by bombs, bullets, white phosphorous and depleted uranium shells. Brush aside the poisoned city of Fallujah, the political and civil anarchy in a country that has seen its sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, lie bleeding and lifeless amidst the burning rubble - silent statistics of an illegal and immoral war that misled and deceived under a blood red banner of Freedom and Democracy.

Obama has spoken. Time to turn the page.

Brush yourself off, dust yourself down and start all over again - just like a Hollywood movie. Be a sport Iraq - celebrate your new freedom as you bury your victims of yet another suicide bombing. Sixty dead here, fifty dead there - it hardly makes the front page anymore so just turn the page and forget about it. Your Liberators Successor, molded to his predecessors image, has spoken.

Turn the page.

As the pages of history turn, new sentences will be added, then new paragraphs eventually followed by new chapters. The pages you will see in years to come, will be different to the page written by spin doctors, the decievers, the masters of war.

Your fallen deserve the truth.The dead can not speak for themselves, so let the pages of history be their voice.

Let history tell the world that this grotesque act of war, was not about freedom, nor weapons of mass destruction. it was about politics and power. The people of Iraq were no more than pawns in a game masterminded by a draft dodger and his young, willing, power seeking puppet hoping to relive the glory days of colonialism, repression and the shedding of blood of innocent people in far away lands.

Seven and a half years of human misery wrought upon a country that presented no threat to The West, dismissed with an eight word out-of-the-box sermon, from a man whose history is likely to be shorter than the reign of ongoing terror the people of Iraq will have to endure long after the last flag-waving, hip-hip-hooray departure of those who changed forever, a land where they did not belong.

My supper's on the stove, the war is on the screen
Pass the bread and butter while I watch the Marine

The shot him in the chest--Pass the chicken breast!

The general is saying that he's still unimpressed.

"We had to burn the city 'cause they wouldn't agree

That things go better with democracy!"

(Don McLean)

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