17 November 2010

Old Royalty, New Royalty

A famous sketch in the British comedy series, "Yes Prime Minister" gave rise to the theory that when Britain or the government or is in trouble, divert the minds of the masses by expelling Russian diplomats or holding a Royal Wedding.

The recent announcement of the engagement of Prince William to Kate Middleton, has put paid to that theory as both the country and successive governments, were well and truly stuffed long before they even met.

I wish the future King and Queen, much happiness - without the meddlesome interference of the Queen or Prince Foot In His Mouth.

Of course these days the monarchy does not wield the same power as in days gone by.

The Kings and Queens of Britannia once ruled their domain with fists of iron. No one dared disobey their commands, cowering weak kneed and sweaty-browed before their Majesties awaiting their instructions. The Kings and Queens of old controlled the lives of all their minions. Their word was law.

These days the same things still happen. However, those invested with the task of seeing that those who rule the land are obeyed, no longer grovellingly reply, "Yes your Majesty". They merely reply,

"Yes Mr Murdoch."

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