27 April 2011

Put The Brakes On Sydney Cyclists!

Put The Brakes On Sydney Cyclists!

Quite frankly, like many other Sydneysiders, I am fed up with the most selfish bunch of inconsiderate, "look at me I'm being fashionable" cretins to be found in Sydney.

I am talking about the lycra clad terrorists known as cyclists - or as they like to think of themselves - God's Chosen People. Listen mate, if God would have wanted you to ride on footpaths and three abreast on main roads, chatting away oblivious to the traffic building up behind you - He wouldn't have Created the cycle paths that you refuse to use! And it's no use riding behind me on the footpath tinkling your little bell - I'm not the one who is going to go out of my way. You may think you're the latte sets answer to Lance Armstrong, but as far as I am concerned you can get on the road or cycle path where you damn well belong

I don't really care about your flavor of the month cause, I care about danger and the inconvenience you cause by your behavior such as regularly blocking the Harbour Bridge on a Friday night to protest your cause.

If you want to ride a bike - great - I used to regularly ride a bike to work. But use it responsibly like we cyclists used to before cycling became some sort of social fashion statement that saw manners and consideration for others, fly out the window faster than a pedestrian dropping to the floor after being hit by a statement making sweaty panted moron.

Sydneysiders who are constantly terrorized by Flying Fwits on pedestrian footpaths, and their selfish use of main roads, contact New South Wales Transport Minister, Ms Gladys Berejiklian willoughby@parliament.nsw.gov.au calling for legislation to be put in place to curb the irresponsible and discourteous behavior of Sydney cyclists.

Put The Brakes On Sydney Cyclists!

Wherever you may be - be safe
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