27 May 2011

Disgusting innit!

You have to admire those who post comments to articles in the tabloid press. Either it takes a great deal of courage to parade one's ignorance, or the knack of being completely oblivious to how one is perceived.

Comments about kids and schools are the best examples. Things were never "like that in my day" or "what were the parents thinking of?" (usually referring to a young person actually achieving or doing something, while their own kids hang around malls). Then of course they advocate a regime and teaching style, that succeeded only in producing generation after generation of pupils who believed all they were told without question, ignorant of their rights, and capable only of creating written communication that only a tabloid newspaper would deem acceptable.

Another favorite tactic is to pick on other contributors spelling mistakes or grammar in the mistaken belief that ability in either or both, is a sign of intelligence. Some of the world's greatest writers and political figures could not spell or were noted for their lack of grammar - but of course they "were different".

My favorite type of contributors however, are those who have their little rant about issues they fail to understand, then finish with, "Disgusting". Whenever I see that at the end of a comment, I have this vision of middle aged women, standing on their doorsteps in hair net and curlers, stockings around their ankles, and arms folded in self-righteous indignation, wearing the mantle of hypocrisy with glowing pride.

There is nothing like a tabloid newspaper to give those who can't, such an air of superiority over those who "already have"

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