20 May 2011

The thing about doors is...

The thing to remember about Australian workmen, is that all too often the word "work" is put there merely for the sake of misleading decoration.

For sometime I have had a problem with a "swelling" front door - especially in damp or humid weather. Today was the day for it to be fixed. After phoning twice for directions and eventually asking if I could meet him by the shopping centre to pilot him to my address (which I refused) the alleged workman was finally able to inspect my door, and hopefully rectify it.

He tried it a few times, and gave me his expert opinion, "Ah, you just have to push it a bit mate".

Fat lot of good that does me, I told him.

Reluctantly he took another look, and I left him to it while he made work like noises before finally informing me, "There ya go mate, should be alright now". Hopefully he is right.

Push the door indeed.

Doesn't he know - Australian management do not push doors - they kick them down!

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