28 June 2011

Prosecution Immunity Syndrome

Left. An increasingly essential part of any modern legal team

Being charged with a crime has become a dangerous business. Not only is it a threat to one's liberty, but in recent times, it appears to have become a threat to one's health. Although this has not been recognized by the medical community, or even capitalized on by the major drug push.. I mean pharmaceutical companies - I call it "Prosecution Immunity Syndrome" (P.I.S.).

Once charged with a crime, the defendant is suddenly taken ill, or is found to be suffering from a previously undiagnosed disease. Invariably however, once freed, cleared or given judicial or political immunity or protection, the ailing alleged offender suddenly makes a miraculous recovery.

Prosecution Immunity Syndrome, does not strike everyone. My research shows that it mainly affects defendants who are "High Profile," either because of their political or social status, or because the media has decided it should be, even if the centre of the alleged crime is just some two bob yob.

Armed with Doctors and Professors, as well as solicitors and lawyers, an increasing number of defendants are opting to take the, "Prosecution Immunity Syndrome" defense. Or as my research paper describes it -

"Taking The P.I.S"

Wherever you may be - be safe
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