10 June 2011

Sod Off Santa!

Picture this.

It is late afternoon, the lights of small shops seem to warm the damp chilly air. A cheery, "Ho ho" emanates from a political incorrectly shaped Santa hanging in a shop window. A sign bestows upon you Christmas greetings. There are Christmas goodies on "special" in the supermarket, local restaurants show laughing patrons sipping Christmas drinks in front of a roaring log fire. It's Christmas. Except...

It's not bloody Christmas!

This time of year heralds "Christmas in July" supposedly to compensate for Sydney's lack of a Bing Crosby weather system during December, (due to our geogrpahical position and not global warming!). Of course, the reality is that it has nothing to do with climate but all to do with marketing. Why catch the consumer just once a year when you can do it twice!

And people fall for it you know.

Let's get this straight. Christmas comes but once a year - in December. I do not want to see or hear anything about Christmas in June or July - especially when the ABC has broadcast, "Merry Christmas Mr. Bean" twice in eight days! We have more Christmas programs the rest of the year than we do at Christmas - even to the extent that for reasons best known to themselves, one channel once aired "Easter Parade" on Boxing Day.

I like Christmas. I enjoy Christmas - at the correct time. So for now as much as I like both, Mr. Bean and Santa can sod off till December!

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