24 June 2011

Walk This Way? Not Around Me Please!

Is it my imagination or have people forgotten how to walk - and even stand! This is particularly the case in supermarkets or anywhere considered to be a shopping centre, shopping mall or shopping plaza.

I am not just talking about those with permanently bowed heads tapping or swiping away at a little box that has pitifully become such an essential part of their lives, that they see more 'Menus' and 'Options' than they do trees or sky.

No, I am talking about normally sensible people who for some reason suffer Common Sense Deficiency as soon as they approach any area that has has anything remotely to do with shopping.

Such people stand in the most inconvenient of places, oblivious to the fact that others are engaging in more side stepping than a politician on a drink driving charge.

Once they have finished 'Inconsiderate Standing', they set off and engage in, 'Inconsiderate Walking.' If you change direction to veer away from their path, you can bet London to a brick, they will change tack to ensure they are on a collision course. Of course, once physical contact has been made, they will give you a look that leaves you in no doubt that they think it was your fault. Perhaps they are right, after all is it too much to ask of us to anticipate in advance what the hell they are going to do? If so, how inconsiderate of us!

Then there are those who dash out of shops with the speed and accuracy of a NATO missile, making a direct hit on any innocent passer by. Again, it is your fault - even though you had allowed a safe distance between yourself and the shop doorway!

The Nanny State has taken away many rights and liberties in its self-righteous quest to protect us from Gawd knows how many dangers, perhaps shoppers should be issued with warning labels to remind us that shopping can be a frustrating past time, damaging to one's state of mind!

It makes you want to sit down next to a major road with buses, trucks and cars spewing forth their toxic fumes and have a cigarette. Accept of course you're not allowed to!

Wherever you may be - be safe
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