9 July 2011

Mr. Cameron, deliberate, informed decisions are not a "screw up"

Mr. Cameron, the success of any business largely depends upon its personnel. That is why companies go to such great - even extraordinary lengths with recruitment campaigns to get the right person for the job. Background checks, references, character assessments and even Google searches, all play a part in modern recruitment procedures.

As Prime Minister of Great Britain, you are it's CEO - the head honcho. The man who makes the tough decisions. To do so you must rely on expert advise, intelligence information, cold, clinical assessment of a situation.

To stand up in front of the the World's media and explain that you ignored all warnings, dismissed professional advise and hired your mate merely on the grounds that you believe anyone who screws up deserves a second chance, not only smacks of unprofessional, unskilled behavior - it smacks of blatant cronyism. In any case, "screw up" implies an error of judgment, a mistake. It does not apply to making deliberate, informed decisions - even though many would like to claim it does if it helps to save their precious little aspidistras.

If you lack the skills and personal mettle to make an informed decision about the hiring of personnel, then all I can say is - God help Libya. And that Mr. Cameron, is another fine mess you've got yourself into.

Any more?

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