29 July 2011

No parole for the victims of Gunn-Britt Ashfield

In 1993, John Ashfield, a six year old lad walked home from school unaware of the horror he was about to face.

As soon as he set foot through the door, he was set upon by his mother Gunn-Britt Ashfield , now known as Angelic Karstrom) and her partner, Austin Allan Hughes.

For several hours, he was savagely beaten and put under icy showers. His three year old sister and three other brothers, had to watch as they put John in a dress and beat him with a hammer and a phone book. They were forced to jump from bunk beds on top of the helpless youngster.

I remember well as a tearful mother and her partner spoke to a gullible media. Wiping away tears she explained how her six year old boy John Ashfield, had been set upon by a gang of youths and beaten to death. The gutter media had a "youth gone wild" field day with the mother's allegation.

They were both jailed for 21 years, which was reduced on appeal to 19 years with a non-parole period of 14 years

In 2009, Hughes was granted parole, and today it has been announced that Gunn-Britt Ashfield, is to likely to be released within days.

This is not justice. Even the original sentence was not justice.

How in God's name can a parole board look at what these two unremorseful bastards have done, and say they are fit to be let back into the community? Yes, there are restrictions placed upon both - but they are free. They can breath the fresh air, they can look at the sky, they can be part of the community - a community that does not want these two cold, calculating murderers in their midst.

We as a community are as one in wanting justice not only for John Ashfield, but also for the surviving children. There is no parole for the sister and the brothers, it is a life sentence of nightmares, hate and fear.

Melissa Ashfield, was three when she saw her brother beaten. The Sydney Morning Herald reports her appearance at the parole hearing -

Ms Ashfield opposed such a decision when giving an emotional witness impact statement at the hearing today. Karstrom was on screen via video link from jail as her daughter yelled at her. "She can rot in hell," she said. "The day I'll jump for you is the day you drop dead. And you can go to hell." Ms Ashfield expressed disgust as the parole board chairman read his decision, holding up a picture of her dead brother and declaring to her mother "Look what you did you f---ing dog" before running, crying from the court.

Can anyone - tell me this young lady has received justice, or that the impact upon her has truly been taken into account?

Or is yet another case of do-gooders ignoring the impact upon the victims and survivors of horrific crimes, so they can boast about "human rights'" and "rehabilitation" of people who can not be considered human and who will never be truly rehabilitated.

Whoosh - what was that?

That my friend, was Justice for children going out the window.


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