15 July 2011

Request from The British Establishment

british establishmentThe British Establishment, has asked that the media and members of the public, refrain from using the word "scandal" when referring to allegations leveled against News International.

Speaking on behalf of the British Establishment, Sir Cedric Fortiscue-Crampton-Smythe, who was knighted in 1957 for outstanding endeavors in the Under 11 Tiddlywinks Championship, when he won two matches against "damn foreigners," referred to the friendly relationship between politicians and high profile media players alleged to be directly or indirectly, involved in questionable and/or potentially illegal activity.

"My dear chap, unless you're one of those who went to a state school, mixing with persons of dubious character is not a scandal or a barrier to career advancement -

it is what we call - tradition!"

Wherever you may be - be safe
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