21 July 2011

Should AFP accompany our athletes to London in 2012?

rupert murdoch olympic gamesIn light of the failure to protect an elderly Australian from a cowardly, unprovoked attack by a two-bob British thug, should Australia consider sending Australian Federal Police Officers, to accompany our Olympic athletes to London in 2012, to ensure that in a country notorious for home grown terrorism and keystone cop anti-terrorist units, our athletes are protected by highly trained, professional police officers and not by the Metropolitan Police. Even though it seems many of their officers are the best one can buy dontcha know old chap.

After all, such a proposal has been put forward on other occasions when Australian sports men and women have been competing in countries with lax and unreliable security agencies.

After all, not everyone can rely on their spouse or partner to protect them from attack.

Mind you, having said that, it must be remembered that our Australian athletes are only Australian if they win. If they flop, our media will refer to them as "New Zealand born"!

Wherever you may be - be safe
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