22 July 2011

The Great Baked Beans Conspiracy

There appears to be an international conspiracy going on. A conspiracy that gives every perception of being - sabotage!

What else would explain the fact that in BOTH (always use uppercase to raise indignation levels of your reader) my local supermarkets, EVERY (once again for good measure) can of Heinz English Recipe Baked Beans, is DENTED (the Daily Mail will admire my use of upper case)

When I say dented, I don't just mean a barely visible indentation near the bottom of a can, I mean they look like they have been hit by a Sydney driver trying to negotiate a roundabout. Every other variety of Heinz baked beans is left unscathed, it is only the English Recipe that has been targeted.

Are there home grown baked beans extremists in our midst, who have been radicalized by the mass media's incessant agenda to 'Buy Australian" even though it's crap and twice as expensive as imported products would be if incompetent, greedy self interest groups known as trade unions and farmers, allowed us to?

Why is the Baked Beans in Ham Sauce, in perfect condition, so too the BBQ sauce variety?

Perhaps someone involved in the distribution process has had their phones hacked by News of The World and are exacting their revenge on the bean counters!

If I wanted to buy something that is battered, I wouldn't buy baked beans - I'd buy fish fingers!

Heck, I don't even like baked beans!

Wherever you may be - be safe
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