5 July 2011

Wadda we want...?

I am a great believer in the right to protest and the right to be an "activist" Heck, I have done my share of both and will continue to do so, but is is just me or is it a reality, that activists "just aint what they used to be!"

One of the essential components of being a successful activist is to live in the real world and not cloud cuckoo land. It is not sufficient to defend "the cause" regardless of reality or those awkward but important grey areas between black and white. Nor is it helpful just to stand around chanting slogans that a Sydney journalist once described as sounding like they have all been written by the Seven Dwarfs, (am I allowed to say that or will an activist write and correct me?). To be honest, some protest events I have seen, give every perception of being little more a nice day out in the park with a good old sing-along thrown in. "What do want..When do we want it..." Ask them "why" and I suspect half the time you would be listening in silence.

Whether it be the removal of burqas to prove identity when rightfully suspected of having committed a crime, the issue of asylum seekers setting fire to buildings, or "austerity measures" putting on oh-so-fashionable sunglasses to protect one's eyes from the glare of logic, does not help the big picture - it puts it totally out of focus.

Wherever you may be - be safe
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