18 August 2011

Actions of the few are being used as an excuse to control and persecute a whole generation

uk riots and david cameronYouth of Britain, your rights are being eroded by knee-jerk politics and political back saving, that panders to manic populist and tabloid rhetoric.

To an extent I have never witnessed in my lifetime, longstanding British legal and judicial protocols are being swept away on a tidal wave of artificially inseminated indignation and outrage. Political interference in sentencing is the realm of the Western backed tyrants the UK so loves to criticize, (while providing them with the guns and bullets to kill their own). Britain's youth are being blamed for the mistakes, ineptitude and moral and social crimes of their elders.

You have become the scapegoats, it is you who will suffer as your libraries, youth clubs and community halls, vanish as fast as your rights. As the power dressing, dodgy dealers and old school tie back scratchers, wheel, deal and steal - everything that is so very wrong with the country will be your fault. Aided and abetted by the manic media, an uninformed, unthinking, unquestioning public will lap it up - like they did in my day - as they have always done.

Don't lose your rights, stand up for them - but for Heaven's sake do so peacefully and determinedly. The only thing that should be ignited, is your passion for your rights.

Use your voice, use the power of new media, use song. use the few freedoms you have left to march - or even sit down, (been there, done that)

But remember, what you achieve is in your hands. Prove to "Them" you have what it takes to let your grievances be heard without stones, Molotov cocktails or nicking TVs - there's nothing worth bloody watching anyway! It is the mindless minority who use violence and looting and hijack genuine, long-standing grievances, to use as an excuse for their vandalism. And no, I don't have a problem with those who commit such offences being punished - but sentences should not be disproportionate to the crime. Justice should not be fast-tracked and influenced by political and media interference.

You have been victimized and slapped down since long before a British grammar school taught me that you either stand up against the system and be counted, or lie down and be trampled on.

Now the actions of the few are being used as an excuse to control and persecute a whole generation that The System, rarely allows or encourages to show or develop it's true potential. Stifled, silenced and derided. The way it always has been - the way "They" want it to be. It is your lives, your future - not Theirs.

Take a look around at other countries. Do you see other countries constantly publishing negative stories about their youth, their schools, the alleged failings of kids? No you bloody don't - because that is not the way a civilized country should behave - it is the exclusive realm of your schools, your media, your expense fiddling, "let's have a lovely war and bomb the crap out of others in the name of democracy", politicians.

You have a voice. Use it to secure the door the system wants to break down to force their way in and steal from you, what they are always telling you, your forefathers fought and died for.

Wherever you may be - be safe

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