2 August 2011

Plastic Guru

gurus and leaders in exileI have decided to have a change of career.

There are many options to choose from but I have decided that I want a career, that is lucrative, provides free travel and accommodation in four and five star hotels, ample opportunity to mix with B Grade celebrities and people who are famous for being related to some one who is famous for good reason, and above all is safe.

I have decided to become - a Leader In Exile

I haven't yet decided which country I am going to become Leader In Exile of, but it doesn't really matter. All I have to do is give myself the title, mutter something about "An unscratched back continues to itch" and the luvvies will spread the word as "it's so profound don't you know dahlink"

I will get the chance to win Peace prizes for making speeches in posh venues, while my country folk starve, (that's if they are not getting tortured, imprisoned or slain). It's a hard life, but as I sit in the First Class cabin with my feet up on my way to meet wars criminals, (or as we in the west call our war criminals - Statesmen) I know that I am doing it for my downtrodden people. As long as they don't expect me to go home and mix with them.

So if any country is looking for a Leader in Exile, please email me giving your location and most importantly - what's in it for me.

Peace my children etc. etc. etc.

Wherever you may be - be safe
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