13 August 2011

Reaping and Sowing

cameron and broken britainBreaking news. In a bid to bolster his popularity with tabloid readers, Cameron has followed on his gleeful support for forced evictions, ( Britain has spent centuries creating unnecessary IDPs in other countries, now they are doing it in their own) and announced a deal to buy one hundred Israeli bulldozers, to tear down the homes of children suspended from school for not having their ties done up properly, or for - shock horror -wearing the wrong color socks, (disgusting it is, disgusting innit).

Wearing his most pious countenance, he wagged a scolding finger and warned, "You can not loot shops, ruin homes and assault innocent citizens - you're supposed to wait till you get to the Costa Brava and then blame the foreigners"

He was greeted with roars of, "And about time too, weren't like that in my day" from tabloid waving, self-appointed Guardians Of Morality, who have forgotten, that yes it was, but have been conditioned not to allow facts to get in the way of a good old fashioned, self-righteous, quintessential British hypocritical rant about the nation's youth.

Obviously the education system failed them also. Otherwise, they would have been taught that well known phrase...

you reap what you sow

Wherever you may be - be safe
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