12 August 2011

UK: Ask not what you are doing wrong, ask what others are doing right

british schoolsMr Cameron, didn't anyone teach you it is disrespectful to point?

Yesterday, fresh from his holiday and a previous trip to sell arms to politically unstable countries such as Egypt, David Cameron, took a break from enforcing No Fly Zones through the bombing of women and children, to address the British Parliament.

The House of Parliament is a fine institution where the nation's pillars of society debate and decide the moral well being of the country by heckling, interrupting speakers and shouting insults at each other - at least those MPs that are not in jail for fiddling their expenses do.

Giving every indication that he was quoting populist rhetoric from an old copy of the News of The World, kindly donated by his fine upstanding friends Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks, he laid out his grand strategy for dealing with the country's rebellious youth.

It was the same old, same old.

Ever since I attended what passes for schools in Britain, I have said clearly and loudly, that Britain's attitude to kids is a disgrace. Pick up a newspaper and you will see four or five negative stories about kids. Any kid who does manage to do something different or innovative, is immediately branded a "spoilt brat" and "what were the parents thinking of".

In no other country in the world, do you see such continuous and vicious negativity towards their youth. You only see it in a country where institutionalised pedophillia is not only rife but whitewashed, and the "Rights of The Child" (indeed the rights of anyone not approved by the tabloid conditioned mob) is regarded as "disgusting" and "laughable".

The persecution and put downs start in schools where devotion to irrelevant trivia and oppression, is more important than educating a future generation of adults.

There has been a lot of comment in the British press about what Britain is doing wrong. Such an approach will do nothing to help, because it only results in the same old answers that have been handed down for bloody decades.

Britain - instead of asking what you are doing wrong, ask what other countries are doing right?

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