27 September 2011

It's time - to get real

kevin ruddPoor old Kevin Rudd, seems to be a favorite target for Australian voters devotion to irrelevancy. Last week, Kevin Rudd, Foreign Minister, was criticized for his travel expenses. It seems the Australian public would like nothing more than a Foreign Minister who thinks international diplomacy ends at Tasmania.

Yes, he does incur a lot of travel expenses compared to foreign ministers in other countries - that's because we are further away!

Of course that didn't stop the talk-back jocks ramping up the self-righteous indignation of it's fact-starved listeners.

Today Rudd again came under the spotlight when on radio he said he was "a very happy little Vegemite being prime minister" before continuing " ... being Foreign Minister of Australia".

Rudd had just returned from addressing the UN General Assembly in New York, so a slip of the tongue is quite understandble - especially when you consider that most overseas politicians regard Rudd as the real leader of Australia, and not the foot stomping, turn on the tears and get your boyfriend to defend you Gillard, who for now is masquerading as leader of this once great country.

Former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam, once used the campaign slogan, "It's time". I have my own version. It's time Australians stopped focusing on mindless trivia and tried to get a more informed grasp of the realities of the major issues.

I do not care how a politician dresses, I do not care what gender they are, I don't care how their partners dress - I want a politician who can deliver the goods and deliver on promises.

It's time we had one!

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