6 September 2011

Julia Gillard - a dangerous precedent

Julia gillard and the high courtStamping her feet like a teenage girl denied permission to go to a disco, Julia Gillard intends to press ahead with her so called "Malaysian Solution" to process asylum seekers - despite being trounced in the court, denounced by the United Nations and condemned both nationally and internationally.

The picture she paints is quite clear - if she does not like the referee's decision, she will simply change the law. The full bench of the High Court is an essential part of our democracy. It is there to ensure governments act legally and responsibly. Without the High Court to act as an adjudicator, there would be nothing to prevent any government enforcing unfair, undemocratic legislation upon Australia.

But Gillard, a woman who likes to boast about her union background, has changed all that. Fine, she says - you don't like a decision take it to High Court, and if I lose, I will simply change the law - nah, nah, nah, nah, nah.

We have reached a point in our history where the High Court of Australia, has basically been rendered null and void. Gillard has not only set a dangerous precedent - she has demonstrated that not even the values we have historically held in such high regard, will get in the path of her determination to have her way - even when every man and his dog knows it is the wrong way.

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