17 September 2011

Life would be better if...

life mike hitchen unleashedThere is a trending topic on Twitter called "Life Would Better If". I had a think about this and came up with the following suggestions. I am prepared to listen to those who disagree with me - except about broccoli!

If people stopped blaming others for their own mistakes
If the media put the blame where it belongs, not on where it suits them
If world leaders stopped selling arms to countries they helped destabilize
If refugees and asylum seekers stopped being used as political pawns
If people looked after their children
If peace prizes were given to those on the ground, not those who hide behind tax payer funded desks
If cyclists used the cycle paths and not the bloody footpaths!
If politicians lived by the same standards they expect of "those people"
If the United Nations was - united!
Without "isms" and "ists"
Without broccoli
If experts stopped telling others how to live it

Wherever you may be - be safe
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