8 September 2011

Of Hobgoblins and sunglasses

hobgoblin on mike hitchen unleashedThere are times in ones life, when it seems that a beer and lager swilling committee of mischievous hobgoblins, plan and set in motion a chain of events that culminates in us looking a total prat.

Take the other day for example. Had I not finished a meeting earlier than expected, I would not have headed home at that particular time. Had I not allowed too much time to catch my homeward bound bus, I would not have sat in that nice little park adjoining the bus stop. Had I not sat there, I would not have taken off my sunglasses to look at the almost unviewable display screen of my camera.

Unplanned events that weren't meant to happen, but because they happened - well, let me explain.

The bus had travelled about 200 meters when I realized I could not find my sunglasses. They were not tucked into the open neck of my shirt as they normally are, nor were they in my brief case, nor on the floor or under the seat. It was obvious to me that I had left them on the bench in the park.

I stood up, walked to the front of the bus, and asked the driver if he could set me down at the next convenient stop or traffic light. "I left my sunglasses back at the bus stop" I explained.

The bus driver looked at me and very politely asked, "Do they look anything like the ones on top of your head Sir?"

Sure enough, there they were!

How they got there, I have no idea, as I never put my sunnies on top of my head - not since the first time I did it and the damn things fell down on the bridge of my nose as I was talking to someone. Sunglasses sitting casually on top of ones head may look suave and sophisticated, but not when gravity - or those Hobgoblins take over to make you look a prat!

Wherever you may be - be safe
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