4 October 2011

Mr. Cameron, your own backyard needs a bit of a wash

So, Mr. Cameron, now that you have committed so much money and resources to protecting, arming and training Libya's so called "rebels" from Gaddafi - what will you be doing to protect Libyans from the rebels? The people of Sirte for example?

Perhaps you could have a quiet word with the Pretendy Government you helped install, the ones who in a cringe worthy display of mass groveling, world leaders and the UN, fell over themselves to woo and embrace.

It's a pity that apart from wearing increasingly nicer suits and camouflage jackets, they have done very little in the way of actual governing or to curb the sickening excesses of an undisciplined rabble, that as forecast, took very little time to change from today's heroes to tomorrows villains.

Libya under Gaddafi was far from ideal. But what you have helped unleash, has the potential to be far worse.

True freedom for Libyans is still a long way off - thanks largely to the incompetent and deadly meddling of London, Paris and Washington.

Stick to sorting out the social and human rights problems in your own country Mr. Cameron - especially among the youth who are given little hope, little encouragement, little incentive and are put down with spiteful relish at every opportunity - after all, Britain has only had a few thousand years to get it right.

Your own backyard needs a bit of a wash Mr. Cameron - and I don't mean the usual whitewash.

Wherever you may be - be safe
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