13 October 2011

PC or not PC? That is the question

This blog has a Feature Page called, "Music Tells My Story". Many of the songs tell a story, or are songs going back to my early childhood that helped form early ideas, opinions, musical tastes - or those I just simply enjoyed for the sake of it.

While selecting some of the songs I have increasing realized how "PC aware" I have become when choosing songs that date back to the fifties or sixties.

For example, earlier this evening I was looking for a song by British comedian Charlie Drake, called "Only a Working Man" that I intended to dedicate to the "workmen" who again failed to turn up at my apartment block. I could not find the song, but came across that old favorite, 'My Boomerang Wont Come Back". Dare I chance it? No. The song has already caused quite a kerfuffle among the chardonnay sipping do gooders with sense of humor bypasses.

Then there are the old songs with the words "broad, dame, or bird" to describe the opposite sex. One has to be so careful these days. In fact, many years ago I worked for a government department and naively tried to impress a rampant feminist by telling her that I thought of her as being neutrally sexed. Somewhat ironically, that didn't go down very well either. Some times you just can't win!

Some songs I would never consider, as they are deliberately derogatory towards others. Most however, are merely innocent ditties belonging to a different era.

Is there is a difference between causing deliberate offence and innocent humor not intended to belittle or offend any particular group?

Yes there is, and perhaps if certain elements of society introduced a bit of reality into their self-built indignation, we may go a lot further, a lot faster, to achieving what so many of us want and have fought, sang and marched for while retaining a sense of humor and a sense of reality.

Wherever you may be - be safe
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