25 October 2011

A time when everything was - pretty much the same as now!

Sifting through so many articles dealing with war, greed, corruption and wheeling, dealing political snake oil hawkers, can sometimes make me think back to an era when life seemed oh so simple.

You know the sort of thing I mean - cars with proper dashboards that didn't talk to you, telephones with dials that made a tantalizing clicking noise on its journey to the next number - even more tantalizing if you were a teen sneaking away to make a forbidden phone call to the one you were convinced you would spend the rest of your life with (later to realize that you were glad you ran out of coins one fateful night!). A time when you could go to your fridge without worrying if the brand of cheese you fancy had featured in a "Killer Cheese" segment on a commercial TV current affairs program.

One way to do this mental time travelling is to watch some of the old TV programs I used to watch and enjoy. Lately one of our TV stations has been showing The Baron and The Avengers. Nice, simple shots of everyday life.

I was curious about the episode of The Baron, I watched in the early hours of Monday morning, so I went along to IMDB to check it out. Of course, I did not stop at one episode - I went on to check the next. Here is what I saw.

Season 1, Episode 4: Red Horse, Red Rider
Original Air Date—27 January 1966

Mannering agrees to travel to a country racked by civil war to transport a valuable statuette back to London. The rebel leaders hope that the art object will bring them money to buy arms and ammunition to overthrow the tyrannical government. During his flight from the country, Mannering is dogged by the secret police who seem to know his every move even before he makes it.

Maybe I had better stick to looking back on telephone boxes and Diana Rigg!

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