29 November 2011

Cut to the chase

On Sunday, I did something I have always wanted to do.

I took part in a car chase!

Now this may come as a surprise to many because of the fact, I can not drive. Apart from a few lessons when I was seventeen, and a short "just keep her straight mate while I have a kip" stint at the wheel while I relieved a driver as I hitch-hiked between Sydney and Brisbane, I have never owned or driven a car. Owning a car appeals to me - especially an open top Jag, but not driving.

It all happened as I was nearing my local supermarket. Two young women who had been sitting on a wall, stood up and walked away. I noticed something shining next to where they had been sitting. I didn't take much notice until it became clear it was a bunch of keys. Not just an ordinary bunch - a bloody huge bunch!

No worries, I said to myself. I picked up the keys and increased the pace of my walk. I would have caught them up too had it not been for the fact that a car pulled up and the two women jumped in.

I tried standing by the side of they car as the driver waited to pull out. They took no notice of this strange man standing by the window waving something shiny in his hand.

The car started to slowly pull forward so for some unknown reason I decided to jog ahead. I found myself in front of a slow moving car waving one hand and brandishing the keys in the other. Thankfully the driver realized what was happening and stopped.

The young woman who had left the keys behind, jumped out, ran towards me and gave me a hug. Normally this would not have been unwelcome, except it was a hot day and my body is not used to chasing after cars! Thank Gawd for Old Spice!

So next time you are out with a bunch of keys and a strange guy stands in front of your car waving like mad - don't drive straight on - you may not be able to get through your door when you get home!

Wherever you may be - be safe
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