11 November 2011

A modern fairy tale

I have started work on a new fairy tale - no I haven't been hired to speak on behalf of a media baron's son, this is the old fashioned kind of fairy tale - just a wee bit updated. The opening few paragraphs have already been put to paper.

Once upon a time, in a land far away, lived a politically correct looking Princess.

She was a kindly Princess and often invited all the Persondom's noble persons to lavish banquets to discuss the hungry poor. It was her initiative that enabled the starving peasants to rummage for food from environmentally friendly, color coded garbage bins.

Often the peasants would complain about their harsh working conditions, low pay and extreme poverty. She would done her faux-mink cloak and ride in her golden green powered (horse-driven) carriage to the Town Square, and tell the downtrodden, 'We are all peasants today."

The single, childless, Princess, would hold the hand of a mother struggling to feed six hungry children, and give her kind advice on what she should do and what milk was best for her children. She would even pose with the bewildered but suitably awed mother, as the Royal Painter, captured this moving moment for all to see.

Sometime she would ask her Male Parent. if he could do anything to improve the lives of his people. Unfortunately he misunderstood her request and improved the lives of His People (which were not those in the villages) by granting His People even more land and power.

The story to be continued...for ever and ever.

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