18 November 2011

My theory on the effects of the sun

When I was in school in Wales, I have to admit my prime aim in life was to wind the teachers up. Smelling of cigarettes and chalk, they assumed a superior air that belied their lack of ability or knowledge beyond their chosen subject.

I was thinking about this as I returned from a walk this afternoon and found myself walking directly into the sun. Although it was late afternoon, it seemed a lot hotter than earlier and I was reminded of my old school project on the effects of the sun.

I came up with a "theory" that if you walk directly into the sun, you will get sunburned a lot faster than standing or sitting while facing it. This was based on the 'belief' that if you walked into the sun's ray's you would crash into them a lot harder! How I managed to keep a straight face while explaining this to him, I don't know.

Of course the teacher scoffed at such a thing, quite rightly it is a ridiculous notion.

Or is it?

If any scientists out there can prove my theory so that I can notify my old teacher with a polite and respectful, "Up yours mate!" I would be interested to hear from you.

Meanwhile, I'll just go and put a bit of cream on this sunburn.

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