8 December 2011

A future can not be nurtured by living in the past

Ever since disenfranchised youth took to the streets in Britain, UK politicians have been lining up to announce all sorts of plans that (1) pander to populist opinion largely formed by selective memories of "the good old days" and incessant "youth gone wild" stories in the media. (2) pass the blame for successive governments failure to understand youth issues, and put the blame fairly and squarely on the shoulders of the young.

Most of the measures are quite draconian and involve increased erosion of the rights of youth.

What most, if not all of these plans lack, is any reference to giving youth hope, respect and dignity, These were taken away when Boadicea was a nipper, and have not seen the light of day since. The only time you do see or hear any reference to these basic rights, is from those outside of politics who care about youth, and who are instantly branded and derided as "do-gooder" and "trendies".

In no other country do you see a daily media and political assault on its youth. You reap what you sow and that is what we saw in the summer.

The children are our future - and a future can not be nurtured by living in the past

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