17 December 2011

Here's to the new year, same as the old year

In two weeks time it will be New Years Eve. The time of year when we get together, chink glasses, look back on the troubles of the year and look forward to everything changing in the New Year. Just like a new exercise book in school, the first page offers so much potential. Things are going to be different, we tell ourselves.

I know all this because it has been the same every New Year that I can remember, and I have seen a lot. A lot of promises - nearly all unfulfilled. Thankfully not on a personal level, but on a global scale.

Revolutions named after seasons or colors offer so much, then provide so little.

Change can occur but first we have to change human nature, and that sadly, is the stumbling block.

Until we can do that, instead of singing "Auld Lang Syne" we should chink our glasses and raise a toast to "Here's to the new year, same as the old year".

Wherever you may be - be safe
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