20 December 2011

Of peace and of freedom

You speak of peace, you speak of freedom
But peace and freedom cause neither tears nor sorrow
It is your bullets that cause the tears
Your bombs that spread sorrow across foreign lands.
All in the name of peace
And in the name of freedom
You wear those cherished words upon your cloaks of war
You use them to fool and deceive
To camouflage your hearts of hate and prejudice

You speak of peace, you speak of freedom
But the tears and the grief lay bare your lies
Your white hat reddened by the blood of the innocent
And you ask "Why do they hate us" yet you ignore the answer
As you ignore the misery you have caused so many, for so long.

There are those who speak of peace and of freedom
They speak not from behind desks nor bullet proof platforms
They speak on the streets, in the squares
Unprotected from the bullets and the gas you have sold along with your soul
Their bodies often broken and battered on the orders of those whose hands you have shaken
As you speak of peace, and of freedom.

Wherever you may be - be safe
Copyright Mike Hitchen Online, Lane Cove, NSW, Australia. All rights reserved