1 December 2011

They were so much better than they are today

Maybe I am suffering from a text book case of, "things were different in my day" but there doesn't seem to be so much "excitement" or "anticipation" about new "things" these days.

I remember eagerly looking forward to each new single or LP by a favorite singer or band. Each new release had its own excitement and was something of en event. Even the covers of the LPs were exciting. Does anyone really look forward to seeing a new CD cover? In twenty years time, will people remember what they looked like? You ask me to describe Tapestry, Sweet Baby James, Harvest, or any of the early Elton John LPs, and I - and many others of my era, would be able to describe them in fine detail - even down to the smell of certain covers such as Elton John's classic "Tumbleweed Connection".

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have never driven in my life or ever owned a car. That doesn't mean I don't like cars, it just means I have never had any inclination to drive one. I remember some classic cars in my day and again, each new model was something of an occassion. A new Rover or a Jaguar - especially the Jags!

These days cars all seem to look pretty much the same - and that includes Jaguars which now seem to have followed the "back-heavy" trend so beloved by car manufacturers. Who wants a Matchbox collection of cars that look all the same?!

If I ever have the need to buy a car, it would be a Jaguar - and it would be an old XJ6 not one of the newer models! (although admittedly, I did see a great looking convertible a few years back!). Failing that, the little car Emma Peel drove in The Avengers, though Gawd knows how I'd get the groceries in the back.

Which reminds me, anyone notice that if you ever saw a white Jaguar in an old black and white movie or TV series, invariably it's brakes would fail and end up going over a cliff!

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