31 January 2012

Cheer today. Wish them gone tomorrow

End of January already.

January 2012 went quickly

Almost as quickly as the optimism and hope of Jan 2011.

An Arab Spring in an Australian's summer

Turned to Winter like so many times before

Heroes and Villains

Cheer today. Wish them gone tomorrow

Still there's always another spring or another branded revolution in designer colors.

One day, Change will come.

And it will stay

Not blown away by by greed propelled bullets like so many times before.

The question will finally be asked.

Not "What's in it for me?"

But, "What's best for the people?"

And He or She, will keep asking that question

And the people will answer

The people will sleep peacefully

They shall cower or tremble no more

They shall be free.

Not for a month, not for a year

Their nights and days, forever Spring

Wherever you may be - be safe
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