24 January 2012

Down with everything. Well actually...

People sometimes refer to me as an "activist" although I am not sure that label accurately describes my decades long philosophies and beliefs. For one thing, too many people are under the impression that if you are an activist, you automatically support every cause and every form of protest. I don't. Not everything governments or "big business" does is wrong, and not everything we "the people" do is right.

No, I see myself more as a, "That-Gets-Up-My Nose-Ist" although I have to admit, it's not really catchy enough to gain the foot-kissing devotion of the well-heeled ,dedicated followers of fashionable, plastic phony "human rights" gurus.

Don't get me wrong, I am quite content being called an activist and I would be quite happy putting it on any CV, and if anyone objected, well that would be more their problem than mine. Just don't expect me to support every cause that comes along, no matter how fashionable it is to do so.

I shall leave that to those who are so expert at it, that it has enabled them to forge a lucrative career out of it and live a life style most of their dedicated disciples would be unaccustomed to.

Wherever you may be - be safe
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