21 January 2012

A Matter of Crass

Have you ever had the urge to buy something that is really crass? The sort of thing you see in a shop and though you wouldn't want to be seen dead with it - you want to buy it. Just for it's pure crassness.

That first happened to me a few Christmases ago when I saw a plaster Christmas setting in a "two bob" shop. It was so awful I just had to buy it.

Now it has happened again, the object of my desire being - flashing cocktail glasses.

One has to ask oneself, who the heck comes up with these ideas, and why would anyone - including me, actually want one?

Not only do these glasses flash, but they are made of plastic for Heaven's sake. I would love to see the look on the face of some sophisticated lady if I poured her a glass of Babycham in a flashing, plastic cocktail glass and said "here you are love, get that down ya"

But somehow, it does have appeal!

For those of you who want to know the technical details, it's quite simple. At the bottom of the glass is a little button. Push the button and the spiral stem flashes in different colors. I rather liked the one that was predominantly blue!

However, I will resist the urge to buy one, if only because plastic lacks the sophistication of more traditional materials. You can't line up a row of flashing, plastic cocktail glasses and tap out, "Edelweiss" with a spoon like you can with fine crystal!

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