5 January 2012

The Mysterious case of the uncooperative duvet cover

This may seem trivial to many but it's one of those things that drive me mad. I am talking about a particular duvet cover.

I have this rather nice duvet cover with two narrow floral stripes down the centre of it's length - and that's the problem. When I have made the bed, I stand back and say to myself, "Those stripes are nice and straight - you've done a good job there old son". But do you know what? If I look at it half an hour later - they are no longer straight! So I shrug my shoulders and pull a bit here, tug a bit there, stand back and say "Those stripes are nice and straight..." and go on my merry way.

If only it were that simple. By the time I finally get to bed, those stripes will have been "straightened" several times during the course of the day. If I would have wanted a duvet cover with crooked stripes, I would have bought one - but I don't. I want it nice and - straight!

Like politicians, the stripes sometimes "lean" to the left or "lean" to the right. However, as I publish a news blog and don't work in Fleet Street, I refuse to get into bed with politicians - or a bed with sloping stripes!

I have however managed to solve this problem - or at least make it more acceptable. I scatter a few pillows on top, to give it a, "comfortable lived in" look.

The only thing is, when I nonchalantly throw the pillows onto the bed, some land sloping to the left...

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