19 January 2012

Oi, listen luv

Yesterday I attended a meeting to discuss investment, tax, forward planning - all that sort of rather boring things.

The consultant used a new "business meeting communication strategy" which I probably should refer to as BMCS, if I want to sound buzz word savvy. The technique was simple. Talk about everything and anything at great length to the point where I, the listener, will eventually say "yes" to any proposal as long as I can escape and have a leak and a cigarette. On a previous occasion when something similar happened, I actually took out my iPod, much to the consultant's surprise and consternation, which I obligingly tried to alleviate by offering, "Tell me when you have finished the bits you've told me twice before".

Yesterday, the lady's strategy almost worked, except I picked up my ears, when looking towards the future she remarked, "Of course if you ever get a lady friend...".

Gee thanks for your confidence and incorrect assumption!

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